Friday, September 24, 2010

macquarie place site visit

so this was a hands on kind of was very interesting and i really liked the whole experience of visiting a place for the purpose of analysing it.

so these are my reflections:

the site feels a little odd, since it is just so small it doesn't even take you a minute to walk from one end to the other.

it is surrounded by buildings on all sides.
it is surrounded by busy streets on two sides and a walkway on the third, which gets quite busy during rush hour but not so much otherwise.

there are quite a few monuments and sculptures etc, including the obelisk, which signifies just how important macquarie place was; it was literally the centre of sydney, once upon a time

not a lot of people sit on the benches etc during the day, even around lunch time it's not quite packed.

there is an interesting mix of plants, some look native to the area and some imported

the water feature is probably my favourite spot; it's so small yet so defined.

the trees create almost a natural dome over the place, you can't see the sky very easily..

all this creates a feeling that macquarie place is like some kind of open-air museum, reminiscent of the old days of the colony, something to keep not necessarily to use within its perceived function, but to look and learn.

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