Sunday, September 26, 2010

lecture 10

semiotics of public space

sometimes you don't notice certain features of a space but they all make an impact on the overall character of the particular space

designing a public space is never neutral and never objective
people who design the spaces are the ones who determine what the space will be like

those spaces play a role in also forming the character of the city itself and its inhabitants

(one thing i notice in sydney is the lack of big public spaces like those in europe where people hang around, drink, eat, talk etc)

anzac war memorial
the whole park exists in reference to the monument
it dominates the entire space
constructed as a shrine
the design is a traditional interpretation, so people automatically read it as a memorial

the reflection of the monument adds to the effect
water also represents contemplation

the panopticon and the all-seeing eye
the male figure which dominates the interior and represents the human sacrifice

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