Monday, July 26, 2010

studio 4 week 1 reading and lecture notes

coffee maker - caffettiera

design process:
-8 years to complete
-designer's relationship with the object
-animated (several of the prototypes have arms and legs etc)
-personal investment and history
-design language (the big challenge, how does a designer go about reflecting their design language and approach to design within the constraints of a project?)
-northern italy vs southern italy
-individual craftsmanship vs mass production
-emotional attachment (this is like an artist or musician and their relationship with their work; the result is not solely that of creativity and labour, it is also something that reveals the creator's character and their personal history. the same goes for a designer too; a designer without too many constraints creates an 'artwork' in its own sense that is part of the designer)
-media frenzy
-intermediate person
-elements of deconstructionism (eg zaha hadid)

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