Tuesday, July 27, 2010

studio 4 week 2 reading

semiotics: science of signs

drawing: system of signs

how would semiotics be studied on a general level? if it's the study of signs, it must take into account the time, place, culture, and several other factors into mind. a sign that means A in one culture might mean B in another.

"semiotics covers many fields ranging from linguistics to film theory and cultural history."

what is seen vs what is meant: signifier and signified

this applies to so many things! it's in visual arts, in our everyday life, and also in language. mankind created and grouped signs and attribute certain sounds to them, and those sounds meant ideas, objects, emotions, and so on.

logo: a symbol of both the company and its mission/character

symbols in design: shape, colour, line, etc etc

different kinds of signs:
-open to only one interpretation
-open to more than one interpretation
-open to unlimited interpretations

the six functions of communication

drawing in fine arts vs drawing in design: must keep in mind the conative function

shahzia sikander: a master of symbols

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