Wednesday, July 28, 2010

studio four week two lecture notes

generative metaphor in design

everyday actions are also design in a way

“a good designer is a good decision maker”

a designer deals with both precise and vague ideas, there is both imagination and technical issues going on simultaneously

how to come up with ideas?
-learn by doing

the consideration of the end user: design cannot be for design’s sake unlike art

every project is unique: don’t do what you have always done!!!!

-The set up:
what am I dealing with? (research)
What are the parameters? (set the scope)
What is the problem (define and analyse)
How will I look at it, test it, and incorporate new ideas? (generative metaphor, looking through new eyes)

-The problem solving
what are my possibilities?
What are my limits?
What materials?
What environmental or aesthetic issues do I have to consider?

"generative metaphor is the scaffolding that supports the design process."

how to create one?
be open to surprises, embrace confusion, suspend judgment, consider non-solutions

tulip chair and egg chair:
all the design decisions revolve around the metaphor
-must be durable, functional, beautiful etc

war memorial:
-pragmatic, cultural, spatial, spiritual aspects

frank gehry fish lamp and guggenheim
-personal memories reflected on the design

liebskind war museum and jewish museum
-shattered pieces
-deconstructed star of david

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