Monday, August 23, 2010

studio 4: paradise carpet

my analysis of the carpet uses some of the methods i applied for my grid exercise. i wanted to work in a grid but not a rectangular rigid grid like the one i worked on for the exercise. so, i made my own grid.

grid sketch:

so the grid still has a mid point like on persian carpets and has several smaller sections. it is also semi-symmetrical.

next i looked at the patterns. i looked at the curvy forms and colours and prepared a study from which i cut pieces to form the patterned part of the composition:

then i combined the patterned pieces with the calligraphic compositions i made for the grid exercise. the words are different, but they're still persian.

and the result:

the composition can be arranged in a circular or rectangular form. in the rectangular form in the photo above, it is spread on an a2 size, however, it fits on an a3 when all the pieces are put together.

i will refine this further during the break.

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