Wednesday, August 25, 2010

lecture 6

two way street: the designer and the viewer
how do you communicate ideas?
representation sits between what i want to say and how th eviewer interprets it

there is no single definition of representation though

using signs to stand for an idea or an object

what plays significant a role?
the sign
the mental concept
the users of the sign

"building a mental picture of reality"

representation is not universal, it depends on cultural background, life experience, etc

as a viewer,everytime you intereact with a design or concept you assimilate that information within your own life experience

example of orientalism
representation of the 'orient'
painting played a key role, which of course didn't represent the orient accurately

propaganda as a very dangerous method of representation, the manipulation of representation to achieve a particular goal

the analysis of diesel ads (very interesting)

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