Saturday, August 7, 2010

studio 4: paradise reading

the first article talks about the concept of paradise within the western context, as well as examining some myths.

the second studies the concept of paradise in islam, drawing on several verses from the koran, and some poems. this is particularly interesting for me, since i grew up in a muslim country so i have a deeper understanding, but i grew up in that muslim country as a non-muslim so i still cannot completely understand how a devout muslim would feel about these ideas.

perhaps the most well known one is pandora's box! pandora opens the box and all blessings escape, but hope stays. hope is the only blessing mankind has to survive.

it is interesting to contrast the perceptions of the west and the east, but what is most interesting about both is the effort people have made to make sense of the things happening around them. people have, in a sense, made up stories in an effort to explain their surroundings, the world they inhabit, and of course, their lives. no wonder religion still plays a very important role in our lives today since there is still so much we cannot explain, including what happens when we die, hence all the ideas about paradise! =)

a study of my paradise:


  1. Hi, my name is Hajra and I am a practising Muslim who grew up in a non-Muslim oriented/populated country, Australia. So Im quite the opposite of you if you like :) I was actually looking for arabic calligraphy and bumbed into this blof of yours as I searched around in google. This article of yours came to my attention and it was honestly quite a nice read. Before I go on I'd like to appreciate your art, you have quite some talent!

    I know I'm giving random information but you might find it interesting.
    As a Muslim, I'm glad to know the reasons for existence, for life and death, paradise and hell and life after death. The Holy Quran, the book not just sent as divine instruction for Muslims but sent for the guidance of mankind ,is the most read book the world for the reason that it provides all the answers to pretty much everything. I would strongly recommend you read it starting with the first page, called The Opening chapter. This chapter sums up everything from the Praises and attributes of Allah (Lord) to guidance in this world and the next in just 7 verses.

    Paradise and hell are mentioned many times in the Quran/Koran and to sum it up, the people who believe in the Oneness of Allah and the Prophethood of Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him), all the prophets and divine books sent by Allah in the past in their original state such as the Torah, Gospel, the Psalms and finally the Quran (which is still in its original state and, as promised by Allah, will be protected until the Last Day) are promised heaven/paradise. This is Islam and its tenets also include Five daily prayers, giving of alms, fasting in the prescribed month and pilgrimage to Mecca.
    Those who adopt any other way than Islam are promised nothing but eternal loss, as in hell, in the hereafter.

    The Last Day is in its literal sense the day everything will end, after which Allah will judge between His servants and everyone He created. People will then accordingly be placed in either paradise or hell whichever they have earned according to their actions in this world.

    The next world in Islam is refered to inthe Quran as a never-ending abode both for those in Paradise, and those in Hell. Those who deserve to be rewarded will be and those who earned for themselves punishment will be punished by Allah.

    And that's about it, from my limited knowledge of my way if life called Islam! Belief in Islam leads to righteous actions and a life that is full of sense.

    Hope you found it interesting!!

  2. One last thing I wanted to mention was that my purpose of life in Islam is to worship Allah the way He has mentioned and which Befits His Majesty because He has mentioned this to be the reason for existence.