Monday, October 4, 2010

macquarie place 3d solution

the article on macquarie place is rather interesting. it says it's the first public space in australia...well, what about the public spaces aboriginal people had? it is very well documented that they had public spaces, along with private spaces reserved for individuals or people of a certain nation or clan. this is a remnant of colonisation that still lurks. australia began with the arrival of the british...

not quite. aboriginal people had been here for a very very long time, and they had clearly defined nations, more than 200 of them actually, with very different cultures, traditions, languages and laws. and yes, they actually did have laws. so what happened? with the british invasion entire aboriginal nations got wiped out.

so in my 3d project i will try to represent the arrival of british and and how they imposed their laws on aboriginal people, and how they used the law to cause that massive destruction.

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