Wednesday, October 6, 2010

macquarie place 2d solution

after going to macquarie place again and reflecting on the second experience, i've thought of two important things about it.

1- it meant nothing to me before i started working on this project. therefore, it had no personal value. what could this mean? to me it means that a place is only a place if you've spent time in it, you've got memories in it. a place doesn't become important for you just because it is important in terms of the historical significance of the city you live in.

from that i skipped onto what proust mentions about his room in 'in search of lost time', and his involuntary memory. i think even a very small feature of a place is powerful enough to represent the whole. the opera house or a kangaroo represents australia overall in many contexts. so the water feature, the obelisk, or any other thing in macquarie place can represent the whole place. i will work on that idea.

ah-nother thing: i took several photos, and after that i realised one thing. the frames i photographed can only be framed from that very point i stood, in macquarie place, at that particular time of the day, with those people passing by. they are frames that i could never ever recapture. but to me, they still represent macquarie place. so i will combine this with the idea above.

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