Friday, October 8, 2010

macquarie place 2d

so what the hell is this?

i went ahead with my little bits represent the whole theory, and took bits and pieces from the 1000000000 photos i took. i tried to form them into some kind of composition but it looked boring. so i thought i might go even further and make them mostly unrecognisable by folding them.

i found a triangular origami shape online. the triangle refers to the triangular shape of macquarie place; it is also the shape of the whole composition. so the viewer can kind of interact with the work. they can pick a piece, unfold it, and if they've been there they can recognise what spot or feature it is, or they can at lest try to figure it out. this way they interact with the place, but they interact with it within the parametres i set up, and more importantly, from MY eyes.

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